Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flower Fetish

[Photo credit: Design*Sponge]

Happy Tuesday everyone, sorry for the late post! Today, is dedicated to Austrian designer Josef Frank, one of the founders of 'Swedish Modernism' and one of my all-time favorites!

I first learned of Frank's bold aesthetic last year when Design*Sponge featured the home of Brooklyn design team, Deadly Squire. In lieu of a headboard, Frank's fabric was stretched on canvas to create the illusion of one. The large-scale florals and bold color gave this room punch and I was immediately smitten.

A botany enthusiast, Frank rejected the austere modernism of his time and instead drew from nature for inspiration. Last Spring, I fell in love with Anthropologie's Jayne sofa upholstered in Frank's vibrant 'Hawaii' print in brown. But at $3,498 a pop can we say 'investment piece'?

[Photo credit: Anthropologie]

This week, I was thrilled to see Frank's exuberant style featured in two very different homes in the June/July issue of Domino. What a happy accident! In the home of stylist Tina Chai, she injects color and pattern into her neutral but eclectic living room with curtains in Frank's 'Hawaii' print - this time seen in white.

[Photo credit: Domino]

In the warm modernist home of Carina Schott a.k.a Nonchalant Mom (a great blog by the way), Frank's "Windows" print aptly functions as a screen connecting the passageway to her children's room.

[Photo credit: Domino]

Previously hard to find, Josef Frank fabric and accessories can now be purchased online at Just Scandinavian (check them out for more fun prints!). However, with a price point of about $240/yard with a three yard minimum, Frank's fabrics may be a stretch for most budgets. If like me you're still wishing and dreaming, IKEA's Stockholm Blad easy chair ($349) and curtains ($59.99) are an understated alternative that could make the cut.

[Photo credit: IKEA]

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