Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfort Room

Happy Monday everyone!

I never thought I'd be so thrilled to say that! Last week was crazy mix of birthday parties; Pre-K graduation (yay!); and two sick babes at one point or another :-( But thank God, my precious pumpkins are on the mend!

In what little down-time I had, my focus turned to less weighty matters like Room and Board's newest mag-a-log. Entitled "Welcome Home - 48 pages of inspiration and ideas for your home," Room and Board's soft-sell technique suckered me in from the first page.

My pulse rate took a dip as I flipped through page after to page of beautifully styled interiors. The attention to pattern and texture was amazing and proved that if done right, neutrals aren't boring, they're down-right brilliant!

The mag-a-log also included profiles of real customers who have decorated primarily with Room and Board merchandise as well as mini-features on industry experts like Apartment Therapy's own Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. Congrats Maxwell!

All in all a good 15 minutes was spent hanging out in Room and Board's grown-up yet relaxed world. Do subtle marketing tactics like this work for you? Or do you feel like, "save me the wooing just products and prices please!"

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