Thursday, July 31, 2008

Luminescent Lighting

[Photo credit: West Elm]

How pretty is the Fall lighting collection at West Elm? I mean, really! I love the exposed bulbs paired with the beautiful domed glass. And I am rather fond of the metallic table lamp bases topped off with the dark linen shade in particular. I've heard lighting referred to as the 'jewelry' of the room and in the case, I'm inclined to agree!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look For Less: Affordable Coffee-Table Books

[Photo credit: West Elm]

Did I tell you how much I love coffee-table books? Not only do they celebrate your hobbies/interests, they also add a dash of panache to your living room and keep guests occupied if you have to step away for a sec. The downer is that they can be quite expensive.

So, with an eye out for a deal I spotted this terrible mish-mash of books in Marshall's recently. But I knew there had to be some hidden gems so I pulled a few for you.

There was literally a book to appeal to every interest including cooking, horses, aviation and travel.

And check this! Each of these large tomes was under $10! I can imagine a couple of these stacked on a large coffee-table and mingling with a few favorite objets. So chic!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

She sells seashells...

[Photo credit: Pretty*Practical]

The best things in life are free. But sometimes they come from the dollar store!

Monday's post on Caribbean design has me thinking of home. So I'm sharing one of my favorite beachy things - a lovely Asian-style bowl which I filled with pretty shells - all from the dollar store.

Currently, this arrangement resides on our coffee table for all to enjoy. My kids love to play with the different shapes and textures ( I removed the delicate starfish) and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Caribbean Chic: MACO magazine

Carnival season's in full swing in the Caribbean! Oh the food; the music; the dancing! I can literally imagine myself there soaking up the fun and sun. However, since my budget calls for a 'staycation', I thought I'd channel an island breeze via MACO, a Caribbean lifestyle magazine published out of Trinidad and Tobago.

Derived from a French patois verb meaning 'to mind other people's business', MACO features the inspiring island homes of locals and ex-pats alike. More importantly, MACO offers a fresh perspective on what is commonly thought of as Caribbean design.

In addition to a mix of modernist and traditional, plantation-style abodes, MACO's homes are also infused with influences from places such as Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.

While I usually pick up a copy of MACO when visiting my family in Barbados, this little gem is also available at Barnes and Noble - a first for a Caribbean-based magazine.

Do you feel an island breeze? I sure do!

[All images courtesy of MACO.]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stylish Habitat

As the heat index continues to rise, an oasis of modern style awaits shoppers at Abitare, a home accessories boutique located in tony Brooklyn Heights. I was lucky enough to discover this little gem recently while window shopping with my daughter. Co-owned by the talented team of Joanne Esposito and Lizzie Hand, Abitare offers decor and gift items that meld both form and function. Isn't that so Pretty*Practical?

The store is styled like my favorite kind of home - lots white (including white floors); beech wood; and pops of vibrant color! There, I was greeted by the charming Lizzie Hand and was pleasantly surprised to see such a well-edited selection at affordable prices. Of course, there were splurges too but just about anyone could leave there with something they love.

Abitare celebrates its two-year anniversary this August and has recently added a wedding registry. You can click here for the online shop as well as their blog featuring new Abitare goodies.

Photo credit: Pretty* Practical

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bright Sunshiny Day

My sweet hubby suprised me with these over the weekend. Aren't they pretty?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Quick Style: Asian Accents

Today while roaming the aisles of Burlington Coat Factory in search of a cute kettle I came across these pretty Asian-inspired wall decals. Priced at $19.99 these are a definite steal!

Short on time or imagination? The packaging illustrates the scale of the decal in relation to a club chair and illustrates several ways to design the decal.

If decals are a too bold a choice for you, I also spotted the same motif embroidered on a cute 'silk' pillow. Throw a pair of these on your sofa and you're all set! Even better, this bad puppy was priced at $14.99 - can you believe it? So if you love Asian style keep your eyes and mind open when browsing your local discounters. Never know what you'll find!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gradient gorgeousness!

[Photo credit: Femme Wonder Works ]

With the summer in full swing, I did a little end-of-season shopping this past holiday weekend. At the top of my list? A cute ombre blouse. I love the subtle and sophisticated gradation of colors created by this technique. So it's no surprise that ombre has wended its way from the world of high fashion and beauty into the realm of home furnishings.

[Photo credit: Creed perfume, Neiman Marcus. Prada Satchel, Bluefly.]

Ombre promises to be hot for Fall too so don't be timid about this look. It's a great way to introduce color into your home without it being 'too much'.

[Photo credit: All Modern Lighting]

[Photo credit: Dinnerware, Target. Rug, West Elm]

The best part about this technique is that anyone can do it themselves. Here, the talented folks at Martha Stewart provide step-by-step instructions on making your own ombre wall art, linens and even lighting!

[Photo credit: Martha Stewart]

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Playing House

[Photo credit: Apartment Therapy]

I love nifty ideas especially cute ones. So of course I went 'gaga' over this sweet pocket-sized floor-plan seen via Apartment Therapy. It's the perfect tool for creating a cohesive look throughout your home and weeding out those 'must-have' items you know will never work. Learn how to create your own mini floor-plan, here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Woodsy Note

[Photo credit: West Elm]

Rough-hewn wood is a wonderful element that brings the outdoors in and balances the angularity of modern furnishings. I find these wooden accents below to be quite charming.

Mounted cogs from Pottery Barn dress up a console while Viva Terra's 'root of the earth' bowls look great filled or standing alone.

Room and Board's stools make stylish extra seating while this teak bowl from Z Gallerie invites you to touch.

Viva Terra's platter and bench are easy ways to bring eco-chic into your home.