Monday, March 23, 2009

Wet Room Wisdom

Can we say I have some catching up to do? Won't bore you with the details, but let just say that toddlers and technology don't always mix. But big thank-yous to those of you who've checked in. So now that I have a new monitor :-) Let's chat!

Truth be told, the time away allowed me to indulge in another voyeuristic activity - attending Open Houses! Here in Brooklyn, this economy certainly makes a renter like myself want to have a 'looky-loo' to see what's out there. And I'm telling you it's not a pretty sight! So many homes under 900 sq. feet and with hefty price tags to match! Well, as you might imagine, teeny homes equal tiny rooms. One postage stamp-sized bathroom in particular I can't seem to get out of my head.

For a diminutive space such as that, I think a wet room is order. Popular in Europe, but yet to catch on stateside, wet rooms or shower rooms feature a sink, toilet and open shower area where the water converges to a drain in the floor.

Livingetc has lovely photo selection of these small yet airy spaces. For a twist, the final two pics demonstrate how a glass or wall partition can be added for practicality or modesty. Would you try something like this in your home?

Photo credit: Livingetc