Monday, June 9, 2008

96 Degrees In The Shade!

[Photo credit: Amazon]

It's been a scorcher in New York today and hardly conducive to coherent decor blogging! To keep cool I love to make popsicles. I swear my family eats them all summer long.

Unusual 100% juice mixes like orange-peach-mango or cranberry-grape are best for big fruity flavor. And, each individual popsicle is often less than three ounces of juice (great if you want to limit sugar). These are so yummy, my grown friends are hooked on them too!

You can find basic popsicle molds just about anywhere including your local supermarket or cuties like these Tovolo molds in the 'Star' pattern available at

So go ahead and relive your childhood with this fun, cool treat!

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Simone said...

ooh, i seriously need one of those.