Friday, June 27, 2008

Creative Kids

We grown-ups shop ETSY; devour design blogs; and swoon over inspiration boards but let's not forget kids love to be inspired too! A stimulating home environment is key to fostering creativity and a love of the arts. Whether you choose to display your child's work or that of another artist, take some cues from these artsy homes.

A paper airplane highlights a shadowbox featuring a colorful print.

A bright orange wall makes this casual art arrangement pop.

A line with pegs creates a charming display. New work can be easily swapped.

A painting placed at a child's eye-level allows them to enjoy this piece up close.

Framed stencils make a sweet headboard. Try this too with your child's art.

Hope this has inspired you to pull some gems from your kids' end-of-term folders and put them on display!

Have a great weekend!


[Photo credit (top to bottom): Images 1 and 2, Cookie Magazine; Syko, pOlkdOt, gdkarma via Flickr.]

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