Friday, May 30, 2008

Cozy Cushions

[Photo credit: pillows by Ruth Singer; heart ornaments by LilFishStudios; handbag by Weezi In Canada.]

Did I mention I really love re-purposing? I think I got it from my Mom, aka MacGyver, who I swear has an alternate use for just about anything.

So, this week's idea comes courtesy of Flickr where I came across this great photo pool called 'Made From Recycled Sweaters'. Its members are a group of crafty ladies who upcycle old sweaters into items like soft toys; handbags; hats; and my favorite, throw pillows!

Even if you only sew by hand the sweater cushions look like a doable weekend project. What an awesome way to re-purpose that favorite sweater you inadvertently shrunk in the wash :-) You can even add sweet little touches like the flower applique in the top left photo. So go ahead and pull those old sweaters out of storage you may be in for a sweater surprise!

Have a fantastic weekend!



Teri's Tasty Treats said...

Girl, I don't know how you come across these things but they are just wonderful. I especially fell in love with the little hearts...they're absolutely adorable. ;)

pretty*practical said...

Thanks Teri!
I'm always on the hunt for fun new things. And I really love the hearts too.

Anonymous said...

Hi C, love the hearts, too, but the blue one with the actual sweater pattern caught my eye. P.S.Thanks for the compliments.