Monday, May 5, 2008

Color Me Happy

I never really appreciated the impact of color on my mood and quality of life until about a year ago a party guest innocently commented, "I really love all of the brown in your place".

This observation came as a surprise to me because I love color. But, it made me look at my surroundings with new eyes. I indeed discovered a heavy dose of brown accents throughout my home such as chocolate curtains; dark African masks; earthy ceramics and sepia-toned art. And truth be told, this color-scheme reflected the way I was feeling at the time - kind of blah.

So I quickly set about changing all that. And now this spring, my home reflects a mood that feels just right - a warm neutral base with pretty pops of color that make my heart sing. Which brings me to my new favorite inspiration.

The May 2008 issue of Domino features actress Julianne Moore's design project for her wardrobe stylist, Leslie Fremar. This makeover perfectly illustrates the power of color to transform a 'brown' space into an inviting home. The muted blue sofa in the living room and the bright lemony yellow curtains in the bedroom are perfectly balanced by crisp white accents and organic touches such as the woven basket used as a stool. You can see more of this lovely home, here .

Do you think the colors in your home impact the way you feel? If so, what ways do you use color to make your home a cozy haven?

Photos: Paul Costello - Domino


Simone said...

love loves it!

Delectable Desserts said...
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Delectable Desserts said...

Well I do believe colour in my home influences the way you feel and vice versa. By that I mean if you are in a room with warm autumn colours like reds, oranges, yellows and browns that are tastefully put together, not only will it improve the visual impact it has on you but you will too feel that warmth. Same thing with brighter fresher colours like greens, blues and whites which to me are spirit lifters. In the end it all depends on your character and your use of colour to portray you character.

Kt said...

Oooh! I love before and shots!

I believe she will be in Pittsburgh shooting a film soon. Now if I run into her I will have something to talk about! Hahha

Oh and btw, welcome to the blog sphere!

wait til i get my $ rite! said...

celie! i love it. it is so true. just with a splash of color our home now looks lived in!