Thursday, May 15, 2008

Organizational Heaven!

Howdy folks! This weekend's inspiration comes via Apartment Therapy. It's there that I was introduced to and floored by the awesome home of Benita Larsson. In addition to all the gorgeous eye-candy, Benita provided her top 10 tips for staying organized.

Tip #10 - 'Buy white', really resonated with me. According to Larsson, she always buys "day to day supplies in white, no print, no color, just pure white. Paper towels, toilet brush, dish towels, laundry pegs, toilet paper, candles, napkins, the list goes on. White looks clean and fresh and doesn’t draw attention to the boring day to day stuff we all need. Also with white you see when it gets dirty and needs changing."

Truer words were never spoken. In my home we have three white cotton bathmats that we rotate weekly. When I bought them I quickly realized that they served as a true barometer of how clean our floors really were! Using white items around your home forces you to stay 'honest' and keep things nice and clean. So just in case you need a push in that direction white is for you!

Anyway, just look at how white looks so fresh in her home. Not stark at all but really a great neutral palette that minimizes the mundane and makes her pretty things pop! You can read more of Benita's organizing tips and see additional photos of her lovely home here.

Have a fab weekend!

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