Thursday, September 4, 2008


While shopping for some additional school supplies yesterday I came across a non-toxic adhesive called E-Z-Tak. Removable and reusable, it's used to hold items in place and appears similar to the museum putty sold here. Totally practical if you live with kids, pets or klutzy significant other :-) but have pretty things you want to safeguard.

Of course, some of you will say it's called "putting your stuff away." However, I truly believe that families and and a least a few pretty accessories can co-exist. My only rule is that decor should never be precious. So I shop accordingly and never buy anything I can't part with.

Which brings me back to this putty. I've had good luck so far with my cherubs but a little extra 'breakage' insurance never hurt, right?

I used E-Z-Tak to adhere this little ceramic bowl above to a shelf as well as some wooden letters to a wall. For the price (less than a buck) I was surprised that it held everything firmly in place. Will let you know if that changes. Has anyone else ever tried E-Z-Tak? Is the museum putty (few dollars more) a better bet?

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Third World Girl said...

When I was growing up, my mom swore by E-Z Tak or as it's known in the UK, (the place it originated), Blu Tack.

She and my Dad studied in England, thus the affinity with Blu Tack even after they moved back to Barbados. For a good while every laminate or poster in our house was mounted with Blu Tack.

I'm not sure at what point Blu Tack gave way to double-sided tape but it's a shame cause "Blu Tack it" is so much fun to say.