Monday, September 8, 2008

Fashion Week Trendspotting

A note from Pretty*Practical: For some unknown reason my pics mysteriously disappeared from this post. Anyway, here they are again. Sorry guys!

This was the scene yesterday when I passed by Fashion Week at the Bryant Park tents. A handful of intrepid photographers snapping away and fabulous folks hoping to get past the velvet rope without an invite.

Last Thursday our local freebie newspaper, AMNY ran a great feature showcasing designer sketches for Spring 2009. I don't know about you, but I just love the color and the whimsical feel they evoke. Although we'll be seeing plenty of the real deal this week, I thought it'd be fun to distill their trend predictions and consider the ramifications for home decor. Serious stuff, right? :-)

Anyway, here are the terms that were bandied about: modern; futuristic; bold accessories (plastic, crystals); metallics; minimalism; muted tones; nature; poppy colors; water colors; femininity; bohemian.

Overall, the emphasis appears to be on buying great basic pieces (specifically modern, streamlined investment pieces) and making it pop with bold accessories. Yes, a basic design tenet, but how will it play out Spring 2009 Home?
Here is Pretty*Practical's take:
  • beautiful pillows and rug with 'watercolor' effects.
  • blinged out light fixtures festooned with large crystals.
  • fabric featuring large scale 'nature' motifs and burled wood occasional pieces
  • oversize vases in super-shiny plastic...I'm thinking a faceted vase in mandarin orange or lime. West Elm are you hearing me? ;-)
  • worldly bohemia via items 'picked up' from exotic locales...this could be anything from 'vintage' Parisian tea-towels to Indian elephant figurines.
So, what do you think we'll be coveting next spring?

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