Monday, September 15, 2008

Say It With Flowers

Wall Street is in the tank. But we still have life. So with no further ado, Happy Monday everyone!

I am absolutely blown away by these unexpected arrangements featured in Germany-based Myself magazine. I particularly love how the carefully-considered props interact with the flowers/plants to 'tell a story'. Really makes me rethink the role nature plays in the home. So inspiring!


karlene said...

wall street is in a tank because wall street put themselves there, so I am happy to see you moving us on!!! And, the flowers!!!

Simone said...

ooh! love. thanks for the inspiration! with all the bad news we all need some pep.

pretty*practical said...

Glad I could help! :-) Seriously though, my thoughts are with the many families affected by this fallout especially soon-to-be retirees. I do least have youth on my side to ride this out. So I try to focus on my half-full cup.