Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unexpected Inspiration: Museums

[Photo credit: Room photos, Apartment Therapy]

It's only Wednesday and I'm dreaming about the weekend. Is that bad? Well, let's think of it as planning ahead :-) Apparently, this one promises to be frigid but if you're feeling intrepid Pretty*Practical recommends exploring the great indoors!

Specifically, your local museum. Museums are one of my favorite places to soak up ideas on displaying art, discovering new color combinations and curating your own collections. At the American Museum of Natural History I fell in love with the driftwood horse if the first photo above. Can't you imagine this looking awesome in a spare modern home? I also loved the trellised windows (right) featured in an exhibit room. So intricate and pretty!

[Photo credit: Room photo, David Netto Design]

Last but not least, how striking are these graphic groupings of charcoal drawings? Bringing it into real life, the attached home design photos illustrate how simplicity along with an infusion of natural elements is key to a restive atmosphere.

[Photo credit: Room photos, Apartment Therapy]

And what about this colorful trip down memory-lane? The candy advertisements above are featured in actual vintage trains at the New York Transit Museum - a Brooklyn-based gem that kids and grown-ups will certainly enjoy. And as you can see, this palette of muted red, yellow and blue can make for spaces that are both lively and livable.

Have you found recently found inspiration in a place that surprised you? Let me know!

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