Friday, January 16, 2009

Finding My Style

[Photo credit: HGTV/Find Your Style]

Those close to me know I rarely watch television. However, every Saturday at 3:00 pm I do make an exception for HGTV's Find Your Style! Hosted by Karen MacAloon also of Design Remix, this is my weekly TV fix.

Using style 'tells', Karen deciphers the homeowner's style and guides them in designing their room of choice. Karen then adds the finishing touches which are always fabulous! Note to all design snobs - Karen's open-minded attitude is infectious and has made me appreciate styles I wouldn't normally care for. She also shares lots of design tips and tricks that anyone can use.

Last night, my curiosity got the better of me and I gave show's online style quiz a try. I must say, I was quite surprised at its accuracy. Billed as Rustic Comfort, my style is detailed below:

"Part updated country, part ethnic flair, both with a contemporary look and feel. You need a home with casual and practical style – an environment that'll work for kids, pets, company and more. The emphasis is on simple yet attractive, durable furniture will hold up over time while your colorful accessories energize and entertain for years...Function is a key consideration as well. A multi-purpose ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or storage unit would work for you."

Although I' not sure about the label, most of the style assessment is spot-on - right down to the ottoman. F.Y.I the photos on the HGTV site don't do Karen's work justice. Ya gotta see the show! However, the quiz is a worthwhile endeavor. To check it out, click here.

Have a great weekend!


Simone said...

i am really feeling that room. every room needs a bit (or a lot) of red in it.

Pretty*Practical said...

Hmmm, I never thought of it but that room is totally you! And yes, love me some red too.

Isa said...

I hope you also catch the mind-blowing designs by Candice Olson on Divine Designs (HGTV). She is also marvelous.

Pretty*Practical said...

Isa welcome! And thanks for reminding me about Candice Olsen. She's one of my favorites too! I especially love her lighting - gorgeous and dramatic!