Monday, January 12, 2009

New Italian Design School

Nota bene aspiring designers! This January, Italy's newest design school, The Florence Institute of Design International has opened its doors to students from around the world.

Founded by veteran architect, Marc DiDomenico, the school builds upon Florence's rich history of art, culture and design by combining modern technologies with Italy's imaginative culture. Courses include interior design, graphic design and architecture with masters and summer abroad options available.

This is great opportunity for anyone looking to hone their design skills in an idyllic environment. To learn more, click here.



dwellings and decor said...

Wow! That blows the school I went to away! I don't know if I could focus with all the beauty around. Or maybe it would inspire me.

pretty*practical said...

It's lovely isn't it? Florence is really quiet and beautiful. Lots of Old World charm. Trust me, you'd be creating masterpieces in no time. :-)