Friday, February 20, 2009

DIY Fridays: Homemade Art

Gosh, I haven't done a DIY Friday in a while! So it's about time, right? Okay guys, this time we're getting artsy and all you need are non-toxic paints (preferably); a couple of brushes; paper/canvas; and an open mind!

Example 1: The art in the window above is simply a pair of paintings made by my children. For us, these windows are a constantly evolving gallery. You too can scoop this abstract style by cutting a generous length of drawing paper (sold by the roll) and applying lots of freestyle brushstrokes in primary colors until you achieve the desired effect. We hung ours from the window with binder clips but any other type of clip or adhesive will do. Note: Our neutral living room and our informal attitude make these paintings look completely at-home. Also great for enlivening the view.

Example 2: If your style is more formal, a stylized art piece may be more apropos. In our kitchen above, the 'sunset' canvas was also created with the help of little hands. I was inspired by a similar-looking Marimekko fabric but didn't have 'Marimekko money'! ;-) My little daughter (4 at the time) helped apply wide swathes of yellow, orange and red paint. Then, I carefully blended the layers to create more depth. Note: You have to know when to stop. Blending can be addictive!

We always get great compliments on our home-made art. But maybe we just have kind friends! However, I think a few homespun pieces give a home a cozy, lived-in feel. If you have children this a great way to spend a lazy Saturday morning. No kids? Then it's time to channel your inner child. :-) So grab some art supplies and get busy! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E. build a gallery and charge $250.00

Nadine said...

I haven't been here in a while! Makes me sad :(...BUT I just ran into a website,[ ] and it made me think of you, dear author of Pretty Practical :)

Have you been there before? If not, I hope you like it :D

Pretty*Practical said...

Thanks guys for all the love! It's rather nerve-racking putting yourself out there - the design audience can be tough :-) And Nadine, I do love Etsy - it's a really awesome place to shop and be inspired. Do check back this week for a surprise. ;-)