Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look For Less: Affordable Coffee-Table Books

[Photo credit: West Elm]

Did I tell you how much I love coffee-table books? Not only do they celebrate your hobbies/interests, they also add a dash of panache to your living room and keep guests occupied if you have to step away for a sec. The downer is that they can be quite expensive.

So, with an eye out for a deal I spotted this terrible mish-mash of books in Marshall's recently. But I knew there had to be some hidden gems so I pulled a few for you.

There was literally a book to appeal to every interest including cooking, horses, aviation and travel.

And check this! Each of these large tomes was under $10! I can imagine a couple of these stacked on a large coffee-table and mingling with a few favorite objets. So chic!

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