Monday, July 21, 2008

Caribbean Chic: MACO magazine

Carnival season's in full swing in the Caribbean! Oh the food; the music; the dancing! I can literally imagine myself there soaking up the fun and sun. However, since my budget calls for a 'staycation', I thought I'd channel an island breeze via MACO, a Caribbean lifestyle magazine published out of Trinidad and Tobago.

Derived from a French patois verb meaning 'to mind other people's business', MACO features the inspiring island homes of locals and ex-pats alike. More importantly, MACO offers a fresh perspective on what is commonly thought of as Caribbean design.

In addition to a mix of modernist and traditional, plantation-style abodes, MACO's homes are also infused with influences from places such as Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.

While I usually pick up a copy of MACO when visiting my family in Barbados, this little gem is also available at Barnes and Noble - a first for a Caribbean-based magazine.

Do you feel an island breeze? I sure do!

[All images courtesy of MACO.]

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ME said...

WOW. Freakin awesome. Boy would I love to live there.