Friday, May 1, 2009

Cumpleanos Feliz!

One year ago I began my blogging journey hoping to explore my creative side and share my love of all things fabulous and frugal. It has in fact turned out to be so much more!

I've connected with so many amazing friends both on-and-offline from all over the world. And your feedback has made me realize the universal need to create beauty no matter what your budget. I deeply appreciate all of your comments so keep 'em coming!

Although current commitments don't allow me to be prolific, I am committed as ever to delivering fresh content and the loveliest finds for you. So, thanks again dear friends and here's to many more Pretty*Practical posts - cheers!


Third World Girl said...

Happy blogiversary, Pretty.
Thanks for a year of "fabness."

karlene said...

Happy Birthday!

Pretty*Practical said...

Thank you muchly ladies! ;-)