Friday, November 14, 2008

Window Shopping: Kinokuniya

Want to go shopping with me today? I've been saving this one for you. :-) After hearing 'blog-whispers' about an awesome Japanese bookstore in Manhattan, I made a point of popping in after a meeting. And I was not disappointed.

Located opposite New York's fabled Bryant Park, Kinokuniya is a product-packed gem boasting three floors of hard-to-find goodies. In addition to tons of Japanese magazines and books of all genres, you can expect sweet finds like stylish stationery; kitschy toys; pretty kitchen linens; and exquisite wrapping paper. For intrepid crafters, instructional books on origami jewelry; soap-making and sassy knits abound.

Confession: I actually missed the entire upper floor. Sensory overload! Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on my next trip. Saw anything you liked? I have my eyes on the lovely koi stationery but that's another story. :-) In the meantime have a great weekend!


Nadine said...

I am CRAZY about cute ("kawaii") things from Japan/Japanese inspired pieces! I didn't know about this bookstore and will make a point to go next time I am ever in NY!

And btw, pandas are my favorite animal! So that second picture, I want all of that. Haha!

pretty*practical said...

Nadine, I love the light-hearted feel of cute stuff too. I have an upcoming post on the topic I hope you'll enjoy.