Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too Cool For School

[Biscuit cards (left); Over the Rainbow Notebook]

With all the talk of 'bailouts' and 'buy-ins', some good old-fashioned window-shopping seems in order. So today, we'll travel across the pond to England to take a peek at Present and Correct an amazing paper goods store featuring a host of unique finds.

Born out of a "long term obsession with stationery", P&C is a design-lovers paradise. Really, there is so much to love here! But if pressed, my faves are those yummy Biscuit cards; the sweet XYZ print; and that adorable Smile Pen. See anything you like?

[XYZ print (left); Paper and Brass Clock]

[Big Boy Wraps (left); Smile Pen]

[Colouring Chalk (left); Animal Drawing Cards]

1 comment:

Simone said...

those biscuit are so cute! packaged, these would make a great gift with a few boxes of tea!